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Pastor Ebenezer Olatokunbo Oshokoya got saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit in 1985 and was called into the ministry in 1989. His work in the missionary ministry has taken him to several African nations, towns, cities and states in West Africa and South Africa.
He is called and specially anointed for the revelatory teaching of the end time message and indeed the Gospel in general. His simple but systematic, expository and practical teaching of the word of God is blessed with grace to powerfully illuminate the hearts of the saints to rightly divide the word of truth. A popular TV Analyst on the end time religious programs; Refreshing Time and Restoration Hour. He is also a columnist in the Living Word Digest Christian Magazine.Furthermore, for over eight years, ‘Pastor Toks’, as he is popularly known and called, has also been involved in an extensive work in missions outside Nigeria, especially a growing youth focused ministry in South Africa.
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