“..Enlightening The Saints To Rightly Divide The Word..”

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Toks Oshokoya

Toks Oshokoya

Senior Pastor

Pastor Ebenezer Olatokunbo Oshokoya got saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit in 1985 and was called into the ministry in 1989. His work in the missionary ministry has taken him to several African nations, towns, cities and states in West Africa and South Africa.
He is called and specially anointed for the revelatory teaching of the end time message and indeed the Gospel in general. His simple but systematic, expository and practical teaching of the word of God is blessed with grace to powerfully illuminate the hearts of the saints to rightly divide the word of truth. A popular TV Analyst on the end time religious programs; Refreshing Time and Restoration Hour.

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Knowing Love and Sharing It

Leke Akinrowo


Leke Akinrowo

Leke Akinrowo gave his life to Christ way back in his university days at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, where he studied and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dramatic Arts in 1989.
His earliest worldview was shaped by the countless dog and tortoise tales by moonlight which he was regaled with as a little boy. From his early secondary school days, he came across deeper intellectual influences in the form of war stories and great military conquests from history books and war movies, and began to incline towards arts and the humanities, which eventually saw him embarking on his course of study.

Sonia Ivie


Sonia Ivie

Teacher trainer and mentor to newly qualified teachers and inexperienced colleagues. Experienced and innovative teacher with excellent Creative Skills. A prolific writer of story books for children and adults. Dedicated individual; achieving a reputation for consistently going beyond what is required. Organized individual with exceptional follow through abilities.

Expertise in indoor and outdoor billboard displays with an eye for excellent colour contrast. Coordinated and resourceful level leader and team player, striving to achieve set goals and objective of the organization and ensuring compliance from colleagues

Highly articulate, confident and persuasive team-builder, able to motivate and communicate to achieve an exceptional teaching performance. Excellent interpersonal skills, confident and poised in interactions with clients and colleagues.